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There are many reasons why you should consider starting your own business activity:

  • the enterprising spirit you have suggests you to go it alone;
  • you need to get back in the game after you have lost your job and your age does not make you the most “desirable” employee;
  • your customers encourage you to open your own business.

If you have no experience as an entrepreneur, you may feel lost when you find yourself faced by the innumerable choices to make. In addition, you might find it difficult to evaluate properly your customers’ requests if you open your business not because you want to, but because you have to.

Whatever the reasons for “going it alone” are, the associated costs must be calculated carefully. This will help you to visualize better the difference between the expenses you will have to face and the income you will get, in order to obtain the profit you expect.

Another thing you should take into consideration is the complex nature of the Italian tax law. You might want to be guided by an expert who would analyze carefully with you all the aspects necessary to decide which type of company you want to establish, based on your specific needs, on the nature of the business itself and the possible presence of partners.

After have analyzed all the information, your accountant will illustrate you the best solutions, showing the advantages, disadvantages and the costs of various options.

Once you have chosen the solution that works for you, your accountant will start to collaborate on your behalf with all the agencies involved in creating and running a business. This includes, but is not limited to, the Chamber of Commerce, INPS (National Institute of Social Insurance), INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Industrial Accidents), the Town Hall, the Italian Revenue Agency, and the Customs Authority. He or she will carry out all the procedures which, taking into consideration the computerization of the public administration, can be achieved only by means of electronic communication.

When your business is set up and running, your accountant will take care of your bookkeeping and the records of depreciable assets. In addition to this, he or she will prepare financial statements and tax payment forms, as well as the forms of corporate and individual tax returns.

Optionally, you can ask your accountant to prepare you a Business Plan, containing your business idea and the strategies to implement it. This will help you to better assess the strengths, the weaknesses and the possibilities of your project.

Additionally, we can provide you with a thorough evaluation of a company you want to buy or sell. We can estimate its value to start negotiations and assist you during the purchase or sale of shares.

Our work is not limited to the professional accounting services only. We can assist you with property management, financial audits, amicable settlements, contractual and inheritance law issues, as well as provide you with professional expertise, assessment and advice.


(26-NOV-21 16:46) Recovery, Mantovani (Manageritalia): "Crescita strutturale e sostenibile per ripresa duratura"
Immagine Adnkronos

Milano, 26 nov. (Adnkronos/Labitalia) - “Perché la ripresa economica sia duratura si deve puntare a una crescita strutturale e sostenibile nel tempo. Questo significa diversificare il raggio d’azione degli investimenti, non puntando solo sulle infrastrutture fisiche, che pure sono necessarie, ma anche su quelle della conoscenza culturale al fine di aumentare il livello di competenza dei lavoratori del nostro Paese”. A dirlo, in occasione dell’apertura dell’Assemblea nazionale di Manageritalia, è Mario Mantovani, presidente della federazione, che prosegue: “Dobbiamo puntare sulla crescita dei giovani, affinché possano contare su un più facile e rapido accesso al mondo del lavoro, bisogna guardare alla crescita delle aziende strutturate, ricche di competenze e capacità di investimento. Se non investiamo sula conoscenza e sulla competenza, e quindi anche sul terziario sui servizi, l’effetto degli investimenti del Pnrr finirà molto rapidamente”.

In questo scenario si rivela cruciale il ruolo dei manager, portatori di know how e pronti a mettere a disposizione delle istituzioni e della Pubblica amministrazione le proprie competenze, come sottolinea Mantovani: “Manageritalia ha una lunga storia di collaborazione con le istituzioni. Abbiamo infatti messo a disposizione le nostre competenze e il nostro lavoro, anche gratuitamente, in forma organizzata attraverso la nostra rappresentanza. Sulla scorta delle esperienze virtuose di cooperazione, pensiamo che il modello della sussidiarietà sia quello vincente".

"Le istituzioni - conclude Mantovani - devono occuparsi di ciò che compete loro, ma molte attività operative possono essere delegate a quella parte della società organizzata, di cui anche noi facciamo parte, perché si possa lavorare attivamente e concretamente alla realizzazione di un bene comune, utilizzando in collaborazione risorse private oltre a quelle pubbliche”.


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