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31.08.2013 - Direct selling representatives

A fairly good job opportunity

In the previous article we have discussed the principles of direct selling. Today we will focus on the steps that should be taken in order to become a sales representative.


Also known as sales agents or consultants, they sell products directly at the customer's domicile in an independent and convenient for them way, without the need for an agency contract, non-exclusively, in the form of a casual employment, provided that they are employed by one or more direct selling companies, in accordance with the Law 173/2005 (Article 7, paragraph 3).


For students who, still living with their parents, want to maintain certain finantial freedom without being a burden on their families. A mother, whose children have grown up and become independent, who wants to return to work, but not only. Also for those who do not want to leave their families, but at the same time want to maximise their budget. Or for those who, being permanently employed, decide to spend a few hours on a part-time job.


In contrast to the activities carried out in the past, today there is no choice: you can work only in person.


It is not required for sales representatives to be signed in to the Commercial Register because they are not perceived as entrepreneurs by the law. Article 19 of Legislative Decree 114/98 regulates that it is the direct selling company to be subject to commercial law, rather than the sales representatives who act on its behalf. The company, however, is obliged to issue the sales representative a business ID after providing his personal data to the local authorities represented by Questura.

Moreover, as we shall see in the section dedicated to the social security, sales representatives belong to a separate group of INPS Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale (provided that their income exceeds € 5,000.00) and not to the group of artisans or traders. It confirms once again that they are not considered entrepreneurs.


Direct selling representatives are required to subscribe to a separate group of INPS Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale if their annual income from such an activity exceeds € 5,000.00. Determining the amount of the insurance premium, its deduction and following the payment deadlines is the responsibility of the direct selling company.

to be continued...


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