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The studio of Lucia Capaccio, M.Sc., has been operating in Trezzo sull'Adda since 1996, providing services mainly in the field of corporate, tax and labor consultancy. Our services also include keeping management accounts and payroll and tax processing for companies, artisans, merchants, self-employeed professionals and corporations.

Since 1999 we support small and medium businesses in taking important decisions by proving services in the field of financial analysis. The accouting data are not treated separately but are rather used to identify strengths and weaknesses of the company, determine trends and business opportunities.

Collaborating with Studio Capaccio means relying on a qualified expert, serious and prepared, who focuses on your needs and creates with you a long-term relationship based on trust and maximum transparency.

In addition to in-house services, the studio cooperates with law and notary offices, in order to provide you with specific and overall solutions.

We aim to become your central contact point to assist you in identification of organizational solutions and provide you with the necessary expertise.

The quality of our services is based on the constant vocational training, the promptness of intervention and the ability to listen to the needs of our customers.

Finally, we believe that not only tax consultants should keep a vigilant eye on the changing nature of Italian tax law. For this reason we have created News and Articles sections where you can find useful information and, why not, even undego a true and proper tax trainig.


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